Scratch & Dent Items for the BMW Z4



Scratch & Dent Items for the BMW Z4

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Welcome to our Z4 Scratch & Dent and Returned Items page.

Occasionally we have a slightly imperfect item or a returned item that we offer at a discount. Sometimes we have a lot, sometimes a little, sometimes nothing at all.

Please check this page regularly

Our SCRATCH & DENT items qualify for FREE U.S. Domestic Shipping

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WBKZ4E89.JPG SALE - Scratched Z4 Clear WindBlocker for the E89 Z4 (2009+)
$245.00 $144.95 ON SALE!

PLUS FREE U.S. Domestic Shipping.

Larger, multiple scratches in the center of the windscreen so we are offering this item at a discount.

Here is an extremely easy to install clear acrylic windblocker that requires no cutting or drilling to install. The brackets attach with a 3M automotive adhesive, just peel and stick. Can be removed and reinstalled on another Z4 without any adhesive left behind. Installs in just 5 minutes and no tools are required. There are no panels needed inside the roll hoops as the seat back acts as the windscreen. This windblocker consists of one center panel (.235" or 6mm thick) and two brackets that attach to the roll hoops using a two sided removable automotive adhesive (if removed you may have to replace the adhesive).

This WindBlocker reduces those chilling drafts, quiets your cockpit significantly, and yet doesn't affect the view through the rear view mirror as the mesh design does. The center section slides out of the brackets for those times when you want to feel the wind on the back of your neck.

CLICK here for a look at the Installation Instructions... CLICK here if you need Adobe Reader

Sale Price $144.95 Plus FREE U.S. Domestic Shipping

Umbrella BMW Folding Umbrella

GREAT gift idea for that special someone.

Now you can display your fine taste in automobiles while remaining dry in inclement weather with an elegant new umbrella. This official BMW folding umbrella is well-made and will survive countless downpours. Easy to store with a semi-automatic opening function and features an inlaid BMW logo on the handle. Diameter: approx. 37˝". A must have item for any BMW enthusiast!

Price $18.95 + S/H