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Z4 Interior Accessories

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See items marked: these items are available for the NEW 2009-Later E89 Z4.

Everything you need to enhance your Z4 experience!
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SBPBlack5.jpg Seat Belt Pads - roadster embroidery
$59.95 $49.95 ON SALE!

Available only at Roadster Solutions.

Ergonomically designed for maximum neck and shoulder comfort, a must for long drives. The Seat Belt Pad is BLACK to match your seat belt with "roadster" embroidery available in SILVER, TAN, or BLACK. Sold in sets of two.

Click here for a Product Review by Z3Roadster.net

CLICK here for a look at the Installation Instructions... CLICK here if you need Adobe Reader...

Sale Price $49.95 (pair) + S/H

MatRZ4.jpg BMW Z4 Rubber Floor Mats

Protect the interior of your Z4 with these official BMW rubber custom fit floor mats. Deep channels so water will stay on mat. "BMW" molded into the center of the mat. Select color on checkout. LEFT-HAND DRIVE CARS ONLY.

Available ONLY for the 2003-2008 Z4 (E85/E86). Make color selection at checkout.

Price $69.95 + S/H

Z4HLmirror.jpg BMW Z4 Garage Door Opener Mirror
$669.95 $639.95 ON SALE!

Add the convenience of a universal garage door opener to your Z4. Unit includes a three door programable universal door opener, an auto dimming mirror and full integration with your alarm. Top picture is standard mirror - bottom picture is new mirror with door opener. Plugs into existing wiring. Installs easily with no tools. BLACK

Price $639.95 + S/H

BMWumbrella2.jpg BMW Umbrella

Official BMW umbrella fits easily in your roadster and provides a great way to stay dry on those top "up" days. Umbrella has "BMW" embroidered on it.

Price $105.95 + S/H

Z4TMAW.jpg BMW Z4 All Weather Trunk Liner

BMW Z4 All Weather Trunk Liner. Heavy duty plastic, custom fit, easy to clean. A must have accessory to keep spills away from battery! Matches black rubber floor mats. Select model Z4 on checkout. Available for the ///M coupe. Not available for the ///M roadster.

Price $79.95 + S/H

Z4Leatherhoops.jpg BMW Z4 Leather Roll Hoops

Treat your 2003-2008 Z4 to the ultimate in leather upgrades. Official BMW leather covered roll hoops. Set of four halves clip together to form two roll hoop covers. Color is black.

Price $1,658.95 + S/H

MatZ4.jpg BMW Z4 E89 Floor Mats (2009-Later)

Sorry, Z4 Logo Floor Mats are ON BACKORDER!> Official BMW Z4 E89 Floor Mats. Super plush with high density carpet heel pad. Sorry LEFT-HAND DRIVE CARS ONLY. Sold as a set of 2. EMBROIDERED.

Now available for the NEW Z4 (E89) 2009-Later.

Sale Price $119.95 (Pair) + S/H

MugCF.JPG BMW Carbon Fiber Insulated Mug
$21.95 $19.95 ON SALE!

This 14 oz. insulated tumbler features press-on lid with sliding open/close mechanism for easy drinking. This mug is lined with Stainless Steel. A band on Real Carbon Fiber on the botton, BLACK on the upper part and polished stainless on the top.

Fits all BMW models. Why not buy a matching set!

SALE Price $19.95 + S/H

MugSport.JPG BMW Quench Mug

NEW The BMW Quench Travel Mud. 26 oz. stainless steel travel mug for COLD beverage use. 100% BPA free. Thread on/off for spill-proof use. Fits all BMW models. This mug is all Stainless Steel with the BMW Roundel emblem.

Too large in diameter to be used with the Z3 Cupholder Console. Works well with the Z3 Door Pocket Cupholder.

Price $19.95 + S/H

Check out this really cool BMW key fob look alike USB Stick. 8GB in size. Press the "trunk" button and out pops the USB insert.

Highlights of this USB include carbon fiber patterns on the front and back and the BMW M logo. Attached to a slim lanyard. Additional USB cable is included. Delivered in a great looking gift box.

Price $45.00 + S/H

BMW-AlumPedals.jpg Pedal Covers - BMW Aluminum

These BMW OEM Pedal covers are patterned with non-slip rubber inserts for maximum control. Includes Pedal covers for the accelerator and brake (for automatic transmission, standard transmission is no longer available). Selection limited to AUTOMATIC transmission at checkout.

The footrest (E46 or E90 ONLY, not for Z3 or Z4) can be added for an additional $85.95. Select at checkout. Drilling is required.

Intended for fitment on U.S. cars only.

Price $136.95 + S/H

BMW-SSPedal.jpg Pedal Covers - BMW Stainless Steel

This BMW OEM Pedal set adds a stylish look in the footwell. Includes a "replacement" accelerator pedal and covers for the brake and (for models with standard transmission) clutch. Unlike the pedal covers no drilling is required. Select STANDARD or AUTOMATIC transmission at checkout. NO drilling required.

Intended for fitment on U.S. cars only.

Price $159.95 + S/H

Pedals-ss.JPG Pedal Covers - Stainless Steel
$139.95 $119.95 ON SALE!

These Stainless Steel Pedal covers adds a great look in the footwell. Includes an accelerator pedal and covers for the brake, and Footrest.

Standard Transmission pedal covers are no longer available.

Only the Automatic Transmission option is available at check out.

Intended for fitment on U.S. cars only. Dead pedal NOT an exact fit for the Z4, call for details on fitment. Drilling is required.

Price $119.95 + S/H

BTSpeaker.bmp BMW Bluetooth Speaker

Official BMW hands-free calling for vehicles not equipped with factory installed Bluetooth. Universal - can be used in any BMW, any vehicle. This device has built in noise reduction and echo cancellation technology. Blue LED back lighting to signal an incoming call. Omni-directional microphone for improved sound quality. Attaches easily to the sun visor and has 14 hour talk time.

Price $119.95 + S/H

Z4CupHolder.JPG BMW Z4 Cupholder NEW (E89)

Official BMW Z4 cupholder. Available for the E89 Z4 (2009-Later). A great answer for those who desire a right hand grab cupholder for the Z4. Top quality machined metal. Inserts directly into the side of the console and it is removable. An additional trim piece may be required, select color in box below or at checkout, $11.95 additional.

Price $105.95 S+/H

USB-PowerSource.jpg BMW USB Power Source
Check out this really cool BMW USB Power Source. Just plug it into your power outlet/cigarette lighter socket and you instantly have USB power for your devices.

This USB charging device offers a convenient way to provide power to a wide array of portable and mobile devices. The charger converts your vehicle’s conventional 12V power outlet to a fixed 5V high-current USB charging port. Simply insert the BMW USB charger into your vehicles power outlet/cigarette lighter socket. The green LED indicator provides visual identification that the device is active, and can then be connected to all USB-supported charging cables. The high-loading current of 1,200 mA allows charging for smartphones, MP3 players, all Apple iPods, iPhones and iPad’s as well as most other portable devices. Dual port also available.

Price $29.95 - $44.95 + S/H

Z4Headliner.jpg GAHH Replacement Headliner for the Z4
$619.95 $599.95 ON SALE!

Here is an alternative to the OEM BMW Z4 Roadster (2003-on) Replacement Headliner Assembly at a lower price. Same quality and same fit. Made from Black Twill.

Depending on your mechanical skills, this may NOT be a do-it-yourself project.

CLICK here to find a GAHH installer...

SALE Price $599.95 + S/H

Roadster Universal Seatback Luggage1.jpg Roadster Seatback Luggage (Valet)
$199.99 $179.95 ON SALE!

Now you can carry-on your suit or clothes while traveling or pick up the dry cleaning without worrying about wrinkles with this premium tri-fold garment bag that hangs from any type of headrest.

The intelligent design of the Universal Roadster Seatback Luggage allows you to maximize your space while keeping your clothes wrinkle free during travel. It attaches easily and quickly to the headrest in your car and includes a handle or removable shoulder strap for convenient carrying with airline-friendly carry-on dimensions. This valet is large enough for full length coats with multiple zippered pockets for folded clothes, shoes and other travel accessories.

This seatback garment bag features a nylon shell with leather trim, a door hook adapter to hang the whole bag, an internal hook for hangers, securing straps to keep clothes in place and a garment curtain to keep dust away. This is the perfect bag for traveling and a must have item for any Roadster enthusiast!

CLICK on the picture or title for additional images.

Price $179.95 + S/H