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BMW Z4 Battery Maintainer

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If your car in not used for extended periods of time, you NEED a battery maintainer. These things really work!
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BattMaint.jpg BMW Battery Maintainer

This is a must for your car if it is not driven regularly or is parked for extended periods! This Battery Maintainer will work with ALL cars with 12V electrical systems. Keeps your battery fresh and ready to go when you are.

The Advanced Battery Charging System is a 4 Amp battery charger designed to fully charge and maintain a battery at a proper storage voltage without the damaging effects caused by trickle chargers. The new BTP micro-chip technology applies the correct peak charge, then automatically maintains the battery at the perfect float voltage which virtually eliminates battery destroying sulfation! Temperature compensation ensures optimal charge voltage even in extreme weather conditions. Spark proof powder coated aluminum chassis. Reverse polarity protection ensures safety.

- Size: 4.88 x 3.25 x 2.88" Input Power: 115VAC @ 60Hz, Weight: 2.7 lbs.

BMW offers ALLIGATOR CLIPS to attach directly to the battery.

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Price $154.95 + S/H

986tirecradle.jpg Tire Cradles

Tire Cradles save your tires from flat spotting. Tire cradles protect your tires from the temperature and pressure differences that cause tire flat spotting. Great for winter storage or if your car sits for extended periods of time. Made of a dense polyurethane polymer.

Price $349.95 per set + S/H