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Accessories for the BMW Z4 by Roadster Solutions

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Welcome to our BMW Z4 Store.

Roadster Solutions provides accessories for your Z4 designed to enhance your driving and ownership experience. Please browse through our catalog item on the left and enjoy.


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There are now many BMW Z4 accessories available for the
NEW (E89) 2009-Later Z4 and more are on the way.



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BMW_BatteryCharger_82110041600_20.JPG BMW Advanced Battery Charging System
$154.95 $142.95 ON SALE!




This is a must for your car if it is not driven regularly or is parked for extended periods! This Battery Maintainer will work with ALL cars with 12V electrical systems. Keeps your battery fresh and ready to go when you are.

The Advanced Battery Charging System is a 4 Amp battery charger designed to fully charge and maintain a battery at a proper storage voltage without the damaging effects caused by trickle chargers. The new BTP micro-chip technology applies the correct peak charge, then automatically maintains the battery at the perfect float voltage which virtually eliminates battery destroying sulfation! Temperature compensation ensures optimal charge voltage even in extreme weather conditions. Spark proof powder coated aluminum chassis. Reverse polarity protection ensures safety.

- Size: 4.88 x 3.25 x 2.88" Input Power: 115VAC @ 60Hz, Weight: 2.7 lbs.

Price $142.95 + S/H

Roadster Universal Seatback Luggage1.jpg Roadster Seatback Luggage (Valet)
$199.99 $179.95 ON SALE!

Now you can carry-on your suit or clothes while traveling or pick up the dry cleaning without worrying about wrinkles with this premium tri-fold garment bag that hangs from any type of headrest.

The intelligent design of the Universal Roadster Seatback Luggage allows you to maximize your space while keeping your clothes wrinkle free during travel. It attaches easily and quickly to the headrest in your car and includes a handle or removable shoulder strap for convenient carrying with airline-friendly carry-on dimensions. This valet is large enough for full length coats with multiple zippered pockets for folded clothes, shoes and other travel accessories.

This seatback garment bag features a nylon shell with leather trim, a door hook adapter to hang the whole bag, an internal hook for hangers, securing straps to keep clothes in place and a garment curtain to keep dust away. This is the perfect bag for traveling and a must have item for any Roadster enthusiast!

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Price $179.95 + S/H

BMW_M_Tumbler.jpg BMW Mug ///M Tumbler
$21.95 $20.95 ON SALE!

Sleek tumbler is detailed with a carbon graphite look and polished steel trim and features spill-resistant snap-fit lid. Constructed of stainless steel and foam insulated for extended temperature retention. Fits most cup holders. 16 oz.

SALE Price $20.95 + S/H

Wheelpins Collage BMW Universal Wheel Pins (Set of 2)

This product is NO LONGER AVAILABLE.


Since BMWs have lug BOLTS instead of lug NUTS, there is nothing to hold the wheel against the hub when the bolts are removed and it simply drops. This is not very user-friendly and you have to be ready to hold the wheel and support the weight when the bolts are removed. Sometimes the wheel can drop and scratch itself against the exposed wheel hub.  The set of two BMW Universal Wheel Pins solves this problem.

Simply remove two of the lug bolts and screw in a Wheel Pin in each location, then remove the remaining lug bolts. The Wheel Pins support the weight of the wheel so you can simply pull the wheel toward you and it will slide off the end of the Wheel Pins. Reverse the procedure for mounting the wheel by sliding two of the wheel holes onto the Wheel Pins and push the wheel against the hub. Insert two lug bolts to hold the wheel in place and then remove the Wheel Pins and install the remaining lug bolts. The photo shows a hole drilled in the end of the tool but that is unnecessary and has been eliminated. Fits all BMWs.

This is the perfect accessory and a must have item for any Roadster enthusiast!

Price $0.00 + S/H                                                    

Sorry - This item is NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

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