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Our storage solutions will help you maximize your storage capacity and keep your Z3 organized. Back by popular demand, our DOOR POCKET ORGANIZER below.
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DPO-pp.JPG Z3 Door Pocket Organizer (Pocket Pod)
NOW AVAILABLE - After a long absence, we are once again offering this very popular product.

Click on the TITLE or PICTURE to see just how much stuf you can pack into this organizer. FRS Talkabout radios, cell phones, sunglasses, sunblock, power cord, and CD. There is even room left over! Each Door Pocket Organizer has two pockets one sized large enough for CDs and the other for small radios, cell phones, sunglasses, sunblock etc... The units can be easily installed and removed from the door pocket. Can also be mounted at the back of the center console below subwoofer. Finally a home for all those loose items that bounce around your cockpit. Available in BLACK.

Price $24.95 + S/H

Z3 Background.jpg Fitted Luggage Set for the BMW Z3
$259.00 $199.00 ON SALE!

Make the most out of the small trunk space in your BMW Z3 Roadster (including the wedge shaped area in the back of the trunk) with this innovative 3-piece fitted luggage set, shaped to match the trunk dimensions.

This luggage set features high quality "Z3" embroidery, adjustable shoulder straps, padded carry handles, rugged, oversized zippers, extra utility pockets and is constructed with heavy duty hardware to withstand harsh trunk conditions and ensure years of reliable service.

CLICK on the picture or title for additional images.

Price $199.00 + S/H

Z3TRSC2.JPG BMW Z3 Trunk Rack Soft Inner Case
$214.95 $199.95 ON SALE!

This is a really great piece of ORIGINAL BMW Z3 luggage. Designed to fit inside the BMW Z3 Trunk Rack Hard Case or use it as a separate piece of luggage. The Z3 logo is even embossed on the outside of this piece of luggage.

CLICK on the picture or title for a look at the entire case.

NOTE: We currently have a limited supply of these available, get yours now while they are still available.

SALE Price $199.95 + S/H

XMAS-MLuggageTags.jpg BMW ///M Luggage Tags

This Official BMW leather luggage tag is inset with the BMW ///M stripes design. Large address field with fold-back security cover at the back. Dimensions: approx. 21/2" h x 4" w. 100% leather.

Price $19.95 + S/H

Z3net.jpg BMW Z3 Storage Net
Official BMW storage net. This item is a great addition to the Z3 cockpit. It comes complete with fasteners, ready to install. Installation is very easy and secures loose items.

Price $34.95 +S/H

ZPack.jpg Z-Pack
$59.95 $49.95 ON SALE!

The Z-Pack adds valuable storage space and has been specifically designed to fit in your Z3 roadster. It attaches to the roll hoops for security and hangs out of the way between the seats. Don't worry about the subwoofer, the pack is acoustically transparent. Made from DuPont Cordura the pack is light weight and very durable. There are two external pockets and several internal pockets the provide easy access to CDs, cell phone, glasses, sun block, and more. Unclips for easy removal in seconds! Straps included to convert into a back pack. Black.

Sale Price $49.95 + S/H

ValetZ3.jpg Roadster Valet for the Z3

Travel cross-country or pick-up the dry cleaning without getting wrinkles, this is a must have item!

The simple yet intelligent design of the Roadster Valet allows you to maximize your space while keeping your clothes wrinkle free during travel. Attaches easily and quickly to the headrest in your Z3. Holds approximately 8 garments with space for shoes and accessories across bottom. Two shoe bag are included with the Deluxe Edition. I use mine all the time for picking up dry cleaning by putting it on the front of the headreast. Finally my shirts come home the way they left the cleaners.

Select Deluxe or Sport Edition on checkout. The Deluxe Edition is made from luggage-weight 1000 Denier Cordura with a pair of shoe bags. The Sport Edition is made from light-weight, water-resistant 440 Denier Nylon and does NOT come with shoe bags.

CLICK on the picture or title for additional images.

Price $49.95 (Sport) $69.95 (Deluxe) + S/H

BMWumbrella2.jpg BMW Umbrella

Official BMW umbrella fits easily in your roadster and provides a great way to stay dry on those top "up" days. Umbrella has "BMW" embroidered on it.

Price $105.95 + S/H

TLSSZ3-96-99b.JPG Z3 / M Pocket Pod (Trunk Lid Storage Unit)
$183.35 $119.95 ON SALE!
IN STOCK - This handy trunk lid storage unit has three generous pockets and twist-to-fasten closures that stay closed when the trunk lid is closed. Dark Gray in color. Keeps loose items in trunk secure.

Available for the 2000-2002 Z3, the 1996-1999 Z3, and the 1998-2002 ///M roadster. Shown here for the 1996-1999 Z3 and 1998 - 2002 ///M roadster. Make your selection at checkout.

CLICK here for a look at the Installation Instructions... CLICK here if you need Adobe Reader...

SALE Price $119.95 + S/H

TLSSCCZ3-00-02.JPG Z3 Pocket Pod (Trunk Lid Storage Unit)
This accessory is currently available for Z3 roadsters, all model years. Three spacious pockets allow for storing items usually found loose in your trunk. Comes with detailed instructions. Twist-to-Close locks secures the pocket flaps. Dark Gray in color. Select model at checkout.

Shown here for the 2000 - 2002 Z3 roadster.

CLICK here for a look at the Installation Instructions... CLICK here if you need Adobe Reader...

Price $119.95 + S/H

TLSSZ3-00-02.JPG BMW Z3 Trunk Lid Storage Unit

This OFFICIAL BMW accessory is currently available for Z3 roadsters model year 2000, 2001, & 2002 only. Not currently available for the 1996-1999 Z3 or the ///M roadster (see comperable unit above). Spacious pockets allow for storing items usually found loose in your trunk. Comes with detailed instructions. "Z3" is embroidered on the middle flaps (as shown). VELCRO secures the pocket flaps. GRAY in color.

CLICK here for a look at the Installation Instructions... CLICK here if you need Adobe Reader...

Price $119.95 + S/H

Cargo-BMW.JPG BMW Collapsible Cargo Tray

This Official BMW Collapsible Cargo Tray fits in your trunk and helps keep those items that are in the trink from flying aronnd. Unfolds for flat sotorage when not in use.

Dimension: Open - 14"L x 14"W x 5"H

Price $44.95 + S/H

XMAS-Tote.jpg BMW Expandable Tote

This Official BMW carry-all tote can take you from home to the market to the beach. Lightweight with expandable bottom for additional capacity. Black cotton twill. 16"h x 12"w x 4"d..

Price $21.95 + S/H

creeksidecargotray.gif Creekside Cargo Tray - NLA

This product is NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

The Cargo Tray is compact enough to rest securely on the passenger seat for convenient access to items you need while driving. Also a great product to keep your cleaning products organized in your trunk.

Dimension: Open - 18.5"L x 12.5"W x 5.5"H Folded - 18.5"L x 5.5"W x 3.25"H

Price $00.00 + S/H

Sorry - This item is NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

creeksideMINI.gif Creekside Cargo MINI - NLA

This product is NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

This Cargo Mini fits in your trunk and helps keep cargo stable and organized. Folds for compact sotorage when not in use.

Dimension: Open - 18"L x 18"W x 8"H Folded - 18"L x 8.5"W x 4"H

Price $00.00 + S/H

Sorry - This item is NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

BMW Cooler.JPG BMW Travel Cooler

This soft-sided portable cooler is the perfect accessory for a picnic, outdoor activities, or travel. It has outside pockets which provide additional storage and an adjustable shoulder strap adds comfort. The cooler is fully insulated and waterproof. It measures 10.5"H x 11"W x 7"D and is navy blue with black trim. (NOTE: due to flash, actual color is darker than pictured)

Price $38.00 + S/H

firstaidkit.jpg BMW First Aid Kit
Official BMW First Aid Kit packaged in a soft pouch. A must have item for every Z3, Z4 and M roadster. Fits easily in trunk storage unit.

Price: $26.00 plus S/H

Z3Hoist.jpg Hard Top Hoists for the Z3

Using this hoist allows you to remove and install your hard top with just one person easily. Your top is cradled by a lightweight aerospace 6061 T6 aluminum tube surrounded by high-density foam that supports the hardtop securely from beneath, avoiding paint and weather stripping. The hardtop is balanced with a connected harness of nylon seat belt webbing that is sewn with heavy-duty polyester thread to the required length. Your hardtop can be suspended indefinitely.

Click " HERE" for a detailed description of each type of hoist, MANUAL PULLEY, BRAKE WINCH, or ELECTRIC WINCH or CLICK on the underlined item below for a description of that item.

To purchase, select the desired lifting mechanism (MANUAL PULLEY, BRAKE WINCH, or ELECTRIC WINCH) below.

The BRAKE WINCH and ELECTRIC WINCH are oversized shipments, $15.00 will be added to the normal shipping charges at checkout.

Hard Top Hoist (MANUAL PULLEY) for the Z3 $218.00
Hard Top Hoist (BRAKE WINCH) for the Z3 $330.00
Hard Top Hoist (ELECTRIC WINCH) for the Z3 $575.00
HTR-Univ.jpg Hardtop Cart - Universal Fit
$199.95 $189.95 ON SALE!

We can proudly say "Made In America".

We are excited to offer this hardtop storage unit. It is adjustable to fit all models of hardtops. Locking wheels for stability, padded contact areas, steel construction, black powder coated. Folds flat for storage. For an additional $69.95 a Dust Cover can be added at checkout.

CLICK on the picture or title for additional images.

We are featuring the Hardtop Cart/Rack NOT the Hardtop.

This is an oversized shipment, $10.00 will be added to the normal S/H charges.

SALE Price $189.95 + S/H

HTRcover.jpg Hardtop Dust Cover

Keep the dust and dirt off your hardtop while in our hardtop storage rack/cart (SOLD SEPARATELY). Generic fit for all models of roadsters. Not for BMW 3 series.

Price $69.95 + S/H

oilbag.jpg BMW Oil Bag
$9.95 $7.95 ON SALE!

BMW has designed a handy cover to keep a quart of oil in your trunk. By adding this to your car you'll always be ready when you need to keep your oil level topped off. Comes complete with plastic glove, funnel, and handwipes. Oil not included.

SALE Price $7.95 + S/H

tirecase.jpg BMW Tire Totes - 2 totes per box

BMW Tire Totes - Now you can easily transport and store extra tires and wheels. These are GREAT! One size fits all wheels. No more tire marks in your car or on your clothes when noving seasonal tires and wheels. Makes garage look good too. Two tire totes included, buy two boxes if you need four totes.

Price $20.00 + S/H