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Z3 Brake Caliper Paint

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Paint your brake calipers or use caliper covers for a unique sporty look.

Please note ONLY GROUND SHIPMENT OF THESE PAINT PRODUCTS IS POSSIBLE, NO INTERNATIONAL ORDERS PLEASE. Aerosol containers and liquids cannot be shipped via air transportation.

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G2.jpg Caliper Paint Kit

Greatly enhance the appearance of your calipers by applying a high-gloss protective coating. Do it yourself, everything required is provided. Just remove wheels, clean calipers with spray cleaner - mix hardener with paint - brush on at least two coats - you are done! Enough to do four or more calipers. Each kit includes: Hi-Tech Paint System, special caliper cleaner,application brush,mixing can. Select color paint on checkout.

Available in RED only.

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Price for RED $59.95 + S/H

Langkakit.jpg Langka Chip Repair Kit

NOTE: You will need touch-up paint to use this product.

Langka Paint Chip Repair is the easiest way to repair ugly paint chips and scratches! Just clean the chipped area, apply your touch up paint (not provided here) to the chip, wait till it is dry to the touch, apply Langka and the paint surface is smooth just like new! Langka removes excess touch up paint leaving the chip area smooth and even with the paint on your vehicle. Safe for all painted surfaces and clear coat paint.

This complete kit contains all the items necessary for repairing your paint chips and deep scratches. All the items are packaged in a single package (except the touchup paint) for easy storage and with complete directions. One 2 oz. bottle will repair more than 50 paint chips.

For Paint Chip Repair and Paint Scratch Repair: Just apply your color matching touch up paint (not provided here) to the paint chip or paint scratch, let dry for 2 to 4 hours, and then remove the BLOB of excess paint in 15-30 seconds with the Blob Eliminator leaving the paint inside the paint chip or paint scratch WITHOUT affecting your original paint. The Kit includes; PREPAINT 2oz, the original LANGKA Blob Eliminator 2oz, Paint Sealant 2oz, and fine tip paint brushs.

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Price $39.95 + S/H

MGP1.jpg MGP Caliper Covers
In an industry that has many copy-cat products with very few original ideas, MGP Caliper Covers has a product that is proven, practical, and attractive. These caliper covers are a quick and easy way to achieve that finished look for your wheels. These covers are made from 6061 T-6 aluinum, powder coated, TIG welded, and have a patented fastening system. Installation is very simple and does not require and special tools.

Benefits: . Enhances Wheel Appearance . Reduces Brake Dust . Easy Install, Approx 10 Minutes Per Wheel . Custom Paint & Engraving Available . Easy Installation . No tape, glue, paint or special tools required . Reduces Caliper Heat & Brake Fade

Must be 17" wheels and larger for BMW Z3 / BMW Z4 E85 / ThunderBird / Mini Cooper & 18" wheels and larger for BMW Z4 E89. Color is RED or BLACK.

Price $199.95/full set + S/H

Wheelpins Collage BMW Universal Wheel Pins (Set of 2)

This product is NO LONGER AVAILABLE.


Since BMWs have lug BOLTS instead of lug NUTS, there is nothing to hold the wheel against the hub when the bolts are removed and it simply drops. This is not very user-friendly and you have to be ready to hold the wheel and support the weight when the bolts are removed. Sometimes the wheel can drop and scratch itself against the exposed wheel hub.  The set of two BMW Universal Wheel Pins solves this problem.

Simply remove two of the lug bolts and screw in a Wheel Pin in each location, then remove the remaining lug bolts. The Wheel Pins support the weight of the wheel so you can simply pull the wheel toward you and it will slide off the end of the Wheel Pins. Reverse the procedure for mounting the wheel by sliding two of the wheel holes onto the Wheel Pins and push the wheel against the hub. Insert two lug bolts to hold the wheel in place and then remove the Wheel Pins and install the remaining lug bolts. The photo shows a hole drilled in the end of the tool but that is unnecessary and has been eliminated. Fits all BMWs.

This is the perfect accessory and a must have item for any Roadster enthusiast!

Price $0.00 + S/H                                                    

Sorry - This item is NO LONGER AVAILABLE.