BMW Z4 SpoilerGuard - NLA



BMW Z4 SpoilerGuard - NLA


Here are a few comments from Z4 owners about the SpoilerGuard.

Bud A:

I've been testing Roadster Solution's spoiler guard. Responded to Roadster Solutions's post regarding beta testing right after I had had my front spoiler repaired...hate to admit it but I DID run smack into a curb.

Back to the guard: well, of course after smashing my spoiler I've been a good boy and backing in to park, or making darn sure I leave enough room in front. After the first couple of week I thought that I was never going to give the guard a fair test. But things did change and I ran into another curb AGAIN.

As designed to do, the guard forced the front spoiler to 'ride-up' over the curb. I was AMAZED, and relieved, that it worked.

I needed to take it off to get a good picture of the bang. Also, I wanted to make sure that the screws were still firmly holding the guard in place AND make sure that there really wasn't any damage to my spoiler.

No doubt in my mind that the guard is a small addition that offers, not only piece of mind, but a great deal of protection. Roadster Solutions has done it again!



I have and it was tested, not by a curb(yet) but by a road gator. My 1.9 had what I thought was in good shape spoiler. When I installed the SpoilerGuard I noticed that I had beed a very bad boy in the past. Well to the test. I was in the middle of Houston traffic following a Suburban with cars all around at about 60mph. The Suburban straddled a road gator, and I had no place to go. I smacked it pretty good right in the center of the SpoilerGuard. After the profanity and the rest of the trip home I looked for any damage. I had none. The SpoilerGuard was as tight and solid as before the hit. I removed it to see if the repairs I made to the spoiler(remember I was a bad boy) were still intact. Yes they were. I have a black Z so I have to point the SpoilerGuard out to almost everybody. The install was a snap. Not sure but it looks paintable to me if black isn't your favorite color. Wish I had this a few years ago, might have kept me form being a bad boy.

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