Simeone - The Stewardship of Historically Important Automobiles



Simeone - The Stewardship of Historically Important Automobiles


Table of Contents

by Fred Simeone

Introduction: Whom Might We Unintentionally Offend?
by Fred Simeone

Chapter I: Automobile Collecting – the Emerging Ethos
by Miles Collier
Comment: Definition of an Historically Important Automobile.
Comment: Provenance: What Is It?

Chapter II: Defining Provenance
by T.E. Berrisford and L. Scott George
Comment: How Long Can Cars be Preserved?

Chapter III: A Century of Preservation
by Evan Ide
Comment: I Want to Use my Car; How Can I Preserve it?

Chapter IV: Goals of Preservation; Responsible Utilization of Historic Automobiles
by Malcolm Collum
Random Thought: Mark Dixon and Doug Nye Worry About Racing Significant Cars
Comment: Economic Value as a Criteria for Preservation

Chapter V: Passage Through Time; the Importance of Originality in the Market of Furniture and Decorative Arts
by Leigh Keno and Leslie Keno
Comment: Patina and False Patination
Comment: Dirt and Corrosion
Comment: “A Tale of Two Hood Straps”, The Role of False Patination
Comment: The Older Restoration Conundrum
Comment: The Conservation Team: Do We Need One?

Chapter VI: Reversible Restoration by Fred Simeone
Random Thought: The Effects of Restoration
Comment: Material Truth

Chapter VII: Gallery of Unrestored Beauty photographs
by Michael Furman

Chapter VIII: Why We Over-Restore
by Miles Morris

Chapter IX: Preservation Awards Matter
by Mark Gessler
Random Thought: Emotional Response to a Preserved Car
Comment: Judging Preserved Historical Automobiles

Chapter X: Preservation is a Good Horse
by Ed Gilbertson
Comment: Auction Houses and Originality
Comment: A Better Way to Reward the…: The National Historic Preservation

Chapter XI: Restoration And Preservation In Historic Buildings and Automobiles
by Stephen duPont
Comment: A Better Way to Reward the Owner of an Historically Important Automobile: the National Historic Preservation Act

Chapter XII: Historic Significance of the Automobile and Vehicles in General
by Carmel Roberts

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