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Please note ONLY GROUND SHIPMENT OF THESE CLEANING PRODUCTS IS POSSIBLE, NO INTERNATIONAL ORDERS PLEASE. Aerosol containers and liquids cannot be shipped via air transportation.

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stonerwipe.jpg Stoner Invisible Glass Wipes Price: $6.95
Stoner Invisible Glass Wipes. A must have for every road trip. Stores easily in trunk.

Price $6.95 + S/H

DGloss9002.jpg Duragloss Plush Microfiber Drying Towel - Large Price: $19.95

Dry your car streak free, in half the time, using only this large 17"x26" long microfiber towel. Custom made for Duragloss, this fabric not only absorbs eight times its weight in water, but ALSO lifts away residual dirt that may remain after washing your car. Therefore, microfiber is better than a chamois, absorber, water blade or cotton terry towel, all of which only remove water. Using this microfiber drying towel will help avoid creating swirl marks, while other drying products may even cause swirl marks when residual dirt is pushed around over your carís finish. The Duragloss Plush Microfiber Drying towel is softer, thicker and larger than other microfiber on the market Ė. You will love the results you get using this drying towel, guaranteed! *Machine wash over and over and it will remain soft. Order several so you can alternate when drying and polishing.

Price $19.95 + S/H

DGloss9003.jpg Duragloss Plush Microfiber Polishing Cloth Price: $9.95

Using this Plush, long microfiber cloth, is the best way to polish your car to a more brilliant shine. It effectively lifts and removes wax or polish residue. This polishing cloth takes a lot of the work out of waxing and polishing. Softer and thicker than other microfiber on the market, it will not scratch. Leaves no lint. *Machine wash over and over. Fabric will remain soft. Size 11x17.

Price $9.95 + S/H

DGlossmitt.jpg Duragloss Plush Microfiber Wash Mitt Price: $6.95

This microfiber car wash mitt provides a better way to wash your car. It helps avoid creating swirl marks by lifting dirt away from your car"s finish. This mitt is made from long microfiber, which is softer and thicker than other microfiber on the market. Use over and over again - Mitt can be *machine washed and the fabric will remain soft, and will not scratch. Leaves no lint. Mitt is also handy to use around the house, to remove dust or wash windows so order more than one!

Price $6.95 + S/H