Information about Hard Top Hoists & Lifts

We pride ourselves on carrying only the best Hard Top Hoists in the industry. Please don't hesitate to give us a call with questions.

We know Hard Top Hoists and can answer all of your questions!

We have been selling IMC... hoists for years and have NEVER had an issue with any of them. They are the finest in the industry. Our hoist/lift systens are genuine American made IMC hoists. The very best you can buy. Our customers absolutely love our hoists. Every IMC hardtop hoist sold here is hand fabricated, one at a time. IMC does not import generic, one-size-fits-all products. We can proudly say "Made In America".

All hardtop hoists are basically the same. The cradle is the most important and critical part, it touches your top, and you donít want it to cause damage to the top. There are three different lifting mechanisms, Manual, Brake Winch, and Electric Winch.

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The Manual Hoist is the simplest and easiest to use and install, it can typically be operated by one person. There are pulleys that diminish the weight by at least 5 to 1 allowing you to lift the top with relative ease.


Next is the Brake Winch Hoist which does not have the pulleys. This hoist usually takes two people to remove and install the top, depending on the location of the winch. One person turns the crank and the other guides the top into position.


And last is the Electric Winch Hoist. This mechanism is the most expensive of the three options but the easiest to operate. Push the button and up/down it goes.

Please don't hesitate to give us a call with questions.

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